Sunday, 1 May 2016

Advance Turning Point System Mentorship Program - Index Trading

Advance Turning Point System (TPS) Mentorship Trading course is suitable for new and experience traders (including forex, commodities, stocks or other indices). It is extremely simple and suitable for traders who do not want to wait for signals and just want to place one or two trades a day.

What you will receive from this trading program:  (More detail at
Part 1 Hang Seng Turning Point System course note (180 pages) at US$449 (or S$599)
1. Keys to Success Trading
2. Trading Journal
3. Positive Expectancy
4. Hang Seng Futures Contract
5. Charting
6. Hang Seng Turning Point System with seven strategies
7. Plus 120 pages of Case Studies 

8. Daily Inner Circle pre-Market Opening Brief
9. Life time (instead of 12 mth) access to private facebook inner circle Hang Seng Trading Group
Click below "Buy Now" paypal button for US$449 (or S$599 to POSB ac) TPS Part 1 (Hang Seng)
Part 2 Advance TPS at US$699 (or S$949) 
1. All the above TPS part 1 plus life time access to Hang Seng Trading group
2. Advance TPS course note (250 pages)
3. TPS In-depth
4. Price Action vs Indicators
5. Support & Resistance (S/R)
6. Key Reversal Patterns
    1PB, 2BR, 3DJ, 4FB, 5RN, 6SN
7. Multi-Time Frame Trading
8. Advance Filter for TPS
9. Bonus Strategies (OPG2, OPGF, OB, T1R2,LTD)
10. Inter-Market Correction (IMC) Trading
11. Intro to DAX Trading
12. DAX Strategies: OPG, OB, FCR, IMC, 2BRD,LTD
13. Bonus track: COT (Commitment of Traders - the TPS way for SG & TW)
14. Bonus track: S&P (the TPS way) 
15. Life time access to advance facebook inner circle Advance TPS Trading Group
For a limited time only, click below "Buy Now" paypal button for both session at US$649 (or S$899)

To re-sit the classroom session to refresh the course is only S$30 but currently you get one free refresher seat.
For traders who completed part 1 TPS HS can join the part 2 Advance TPS course at only US$349 (S$449). Click below "Buy now" paypal button for US$349 Advance TPS upgrade

Please note the fee DOES NOT include DAX Trading Group subscription which is S$70 (US$50) per month.  For limited time only special bundle for TPS Advance group at S$199 (US$149) one off life time extra add-on instead of S$70 (US$50) per month. Click below "Buy Now" paypal button for US$149
** Next classroom refresher session email to subject title "TPS Advance Classroom Schedule" for detail.

Payment via POSB saving ac 037-01819-8 (S$) or paypal to (US$).

Enquiry at or facebook message to HangSengTrading

Traders review on HS TPS course at

How's TPS performance versus others systems?

Monthly performance
For Hang Seng can be viewed at
For DAX Trade Journal ---->


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